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They say that the book is determined by its cover. And the cover of this book was too childish a sketch that I was expecting a typical boy meets girl on internet story. However, though the cover page failed to impress, the story was an engrossing one! Warning: Please read only if you know know how Facebook works! Hahahaha…..


This book is a definite surprise for the reader. And while the internet is seen as the medium for falling in love these days, some kids take it up to an art – the art of logically deducing what the person at the other end must be behaving or trying to do.

The story revolves around finding tricks to befriend strangers as the revolving theme to the intermingling plot ofย love. While this is scary at one level especially given the real age security concerns, the protagonist doesn’t come across as a stalker (even though he’s actually doing that!). The actions of the protagonist are not quite right but his motives are so very clear and love-ridden that the reader tends to forgive his actions. Sai is hailed as a hero.

While the reader follows the protagonist’s perspective throughout the story, the end really pops up like an awakening moment! The female lead, Preethi is suddenly the star of the show. It was a pleasant revelation and really nice way to end the story.

I would say even though I’m not in my teens, I enjoyed the story and Kaarthika as done a good job of it. Simple language and very engaging style makes this book worth reading. Love, psychology, perspectives, internet and relationships all are meshed in this lovely story.

Buy it from Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback editions.




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