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Art Cove {The Immersive Project}

Each of those paintings one after another got her mesmerized. Those series of photographs got her awestruck. In-spite of loving arts and creativity, she still felt lost…. as if some vital connection was sorely missing. She ruminated on why she felt the way she felt and then an idea struck! She met one of the CoFounders of PulpyPapaya and together they brainstormed on how to take it up – slowly and gradually… that’s when The Immersive Project was born!

It began with a missing gap and got fulfilled on 22nd May, 2016 – one of the most appropriate days ie. Cultural Workers and Folk Artists Day. For the first time in Indore this Day was celebrated to honor the contribution of cultural enthusiasts in the city.

What Did We Do?
Cultural Workers and Folk Artists Day focused on themes related to the revival of state as well as national culture and the development of folk art in India. Kaffeinated Konversations conceptualized Art Cove, an Artistic Retreat in association with PulpyPapaya. It is a platform that gives anyone and everyone an opportunity to engage in local art.
Special themes featured were centred on tribal folk art and cultural contributions in Madhya Pradesh’s history.

Participants were engaged in :
1. Collective Art Work that involves you to be part of the whole design

2. Individual Art Work (you get to choose what you want to work on)


Held at PulpyPapaya Studio at Saket, this event saw mixed group of people who are artists and those who liked art but weren’t experts.

Starting from 7am in the morning to 12pm afternoon, the event saw a collective enthusiasm of 15 enthusiastic people who wanted to bring out their creativity and imagination through colours. Simple art forms and structures provided more shape to a blank canvas, enabling more freedom for illusions and visual expression.

Not only did we splash around with our creativity but also had an impromptu crash course on martial arts for basic self defence… Thanks a lot Pramod Goswami for making us realize that it’s really easy to defend oneself!


Of course… when the brain is in a creative mood, a little break toh banti hai!


With a such a crackling and inspiring morning on Sunday, at the end we discussed how to take this further; for creating a culture of art appreciation and understanding is the foremost thing in everyone’s mind.

So let’s brew more experiences with “The Immersive Project”! Cya soon!



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