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A man and his ponytail *Review*

You begin to wonder about the title of the book “Ponytail – The Love for Revenge” by Dr Pradip Chauhan; ย  and begin to ask yourself is it about a man and his ponytail creating a tangle of love or is the tangle of love making him grow his hair into a ponytail? Well, I started reading the book to get answers to theseย hair-rising questions.


The book title as I mentioned is very unusual. It piques interest, so after beginning to read it, I wanted to know more about the ponytail. The book is engaging till the end except for a few languishing moments in the middle that sort of makes the reader want to say, “Hey man do something!” However, these moments are brief and fleeting, with the author getting us back to the fast lane.

What I found unusual in the book was that the author leaves the reader to understand ‘why the protagonist behaves the way he behaves in love’. I can’t decide for myself whether he loves all 3 women or in quest for revenge begins to love them. That sort of line is blurred and it’s difficult to decide. It’s good to analyse human behaviour sometimes and I don’t mind doing a bit research on that part. ๐Ÿ™‚

The story isn’t unusual however the elements that are dealt with in the story could have packed a strong punch into a thrilling romance had the author dealt with more suspense instead of spilling the beans. Yes….I wanted the suspense to be revealed in the end and not towards the end. (Therein lies the difference… doesn’t it?)

All in all, I would say its an interesting read…..and do check out the “ponytail” element. You can buy it from Amazon: Kindle Version and Paperbackย 



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