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Defiant Dreams *Review*

I took this book, read it back to back and I regret it!

I regret that there are only 24 stories when there could be more than 2.4 lakh stories!

      The book that inspires

Edited by Rhiti Bose and Lopamudra Banerjee, “Defiant Dreams” (Published by Readomania) can’t be just a book. It is like an unshakable belief of woman’s strength. Yes, the stories are so variegated touching upon different situations, age levels, socio-economic strata and much more.  It starts with a story that gives the view of parent-child relationship from a daughter-in-law’s perspective in ‘Built from the ashes’ by Radhika Maria Tabrez it ends with interlinked lives of a girl and an unknown woman who made it against all odds in the story “Some Porridge and Education’ by Shreesha Divakaran. 

If someone were to ask me which story was the best – I would say none! In fact, each story is a gem… not just one best and each has a compelling way of setting a thought into motion in the head of the reader, tickling the grey cells, putting the neurotic synapses on fire with the way each of them have been written – simple yet profoundly thought – provoking….. just as it’s title suggests, just as the core essence of the compilation is and just as the stories of each of the women are imbibed in it.

Now if you’re thinking that this book is related to feminism or women empowerment – you’re so right and yet so wrong. Yes, this book is about stories of women but no it isn’t propagating feminists ideologies. In fact one of the story is penned by a male author. So the book is all about those fantastic absorbing stories and allows the reader to soak into them as much as they want… be it just allowing the drops of words like water on their palms or drowning in them completely… its upto the readers.

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