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No Voice of Novice

Every profession entails a voice over even from the “not experienced”. While we keep harping on experiences as change agents of life – This might sound tad out of the framework we have built around ourselves.


However, don’t you think it’s matter of perception rather than experience that can really add value to your work?

While experience is akin to rising like a phoenix out of the ashes, a new perspective lends itself to being a flower in the midst of the desert. While both are harbingers of hope – one focuses on strength while the other focuses on the newness of it.

Why am I going all ga-ga over the Experience and Perspective? Well, there’s always an ages old battle of whether to pick out experienced people or freshers into the organization. Experience brings to you factual reasoning and order, its the perspectives that brings it freshness and risk taking fun into the whole profession.While experience is the best teacher, for me personally each experience is as personal mountain to climb and therefore I would like to face it myself. Of course, who can’t deny the support system that experience creates and yet there’s something so perennially attractive about newness that I’m more in favor of the new rather than the experienced. Going further, I feel that the best is the balance of both to cut down on the loss of time in experiencing things and also to gain new perspectives in every situation. Win-Win for all and every venture/company that tries to have both actually get the best of both the worlds!

Ok what after hiring ? Listen to the freshers ! Their voice, their ideas if worth the risk can actually propel your company forward faster than the cautious moves that experienced make. When there are risks there are scars and rewards too in the process.

So anybody who’s into hiring mood these day – why not pick both and build your company on the strong points of experience and newness? Why discriminate on the basis of 1 or 2 years of experience or 5 or 10? Does it really matter? Β In the end does it make you feel any better? Your answers to these questions will tell you what kind of persons you need to employ instead of dishing out those similar dose of recruitment advertisements that are absolutely boring to the T!





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