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We all know that there are no guarantees. No way of knowing what comes next. Some things don’t last forever, but some things do. Like a great song, or a good book, or a good memory you can take out and unfold in your darkest times, pressing down the corners and peering close, hoping you still see the person you see there . . . That was the thing, you just never knew. There are times when you cannot think forward or backward, but only to lose yourself in the words.

That’s what happens when you read this book “Snowflakes of Love”. Some stories melt your heart. Some impinge your thoughts but all of the 13 stories leave traces of a memory of having felt close to someone who got love. We all have gone through love and its motions in different degree and kind and this book get you to awake that same sentiment within you. As the title suggests, each part of the story brings with it a personality of its own just like the snowflake. Delicate yet beautiful. Reachable yet uncontrolled. Amusing yet unfathomable.
Snowflakes of Love is a collection of 13 stories and 6 poems edited by Milan Modi and Brinda Tailor. Each story has a different element to it and each of them bring out a keynote emotion with it. Some stories you’ll find tender, like the one written by Shivani Muralikrishna that’s aply named ‘Moments‘. Then you have a sweet story by Aashisha Chakraborthy called ‘The Masseur‘ that’s seemingly everyday in approach yet fresh in the way characters are dealt with. Some stories have a hilarious tone like ‘A twist in tale‘ by Neeti Bange.
All the 6 poems like the story counterparts again focus on a singular element of love emotion and unwraps the hearts of the readers. They pull you to the depths of despair and rise you to the heights of ecstasy. Love does that to all of us and the same effect does each of the poem have on the readers. It did that for me especially.
Now I’m sure you are curious to know about the book. Now, I shall play the bad cop and won’t let out any hint of the story in each since it would spoil all the richness of surprise that a book must hold. But yes let me tell you, in a long time I feel good having picked up this book written by writers who are still polishing their craft but with amazing hold on their penmanship. My heartfelt wishes to these writers is to continue writing more and the poets too to continue pouring their heart and soul into words.
Ok…. I know you’re now itching to buy the book. You can buy it online on Amazon.
Happy Reading and dwelling in the love soaked emotions!



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