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The NEW Conversations

A 16 year old girl had everything against the world. She snapped, cut and was sharp in retort to the point that her friends started feeling intimidated by her presence. They however stuck on with her. What made them tolerate her, she never knew. She was like that angry young woman out to destroy the world – a world that she saw with dark thoughts and darker ulterior motives. She never trusted anyone and didn’t expect anyone to trust her, to value her. Later, with 3 years into graduation and then 2 more years with post-graduation, she went job hunting and got absorbed into an organization that worked in education sector.

6 years changed her. It showed her what she actually was – a struggling person trying to make her mark — and she was doing it all wrong. You can’t be a dictator and expect a dialogue. You can’t sit there and command people to do things that you want them to do. You can only channel them with all the love they need and all the positive strokes you can give.


Today that girl is a mom and time and again when she sees people behaving the way she did 10 years back; she only smiles and thinks – “I too was there where you are my friend and I’m sure you’re going to come out of it just as I did.”

Through Kaffeinated Konversations , uninhibited dialogue is made possible over cups of coffee. A range of topics are discussed interspersed with theories of varying kinds. Books, Authors, Reading Communities, Government role…. anything and everything is discussed.




Intelligent Conversations, Unending coffee cups and totally in sync communication - When you feel free to converse, you feel limitless.

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