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A Day Begins with C for K

My typical day starts with the mental notes………krrrrrrrr….. list of to do’s and boom… I have to just begin!

What makes it achievable, realistic and of course in time is the big “C”… A magic potion that was considered the Gift from God in the ancient world. The heavenly brew gets me set for the day… oh yes… it’s Coffee for Kavita!

Many people ask “How do you like your coffee?” I say – I like it bittersweet… just like my life, having bitter and sweet experiences thrown in together. It’s no bummer but yes with the summer in… its the cold (not chilled) that keeps my thoughts warmed up with delight!

Cheers to summer and Cheers to my long glass of “Kavita Kold” as my family has named it loud and bold!




Intelligent Conversations, Unending coffee cups and totally in sync communication - When you feel free to converse, you feel limitless.

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