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Like a Love Song by Nikita Singh *Book Review*

We all love stories of grit and determination…. and women love stories of triumph and love added into the script. It’s just the way we are wired, aren’t we? Or maybe not!


The latest book of Nikita Singh “Like a Love Song” is a beautiful book to inspire the young women out there. With a mix dosage of love, dreams, oddities and laced with confusing moments – this book is read at one go. What makes the book much relate-ableΒ is that the protagonist is human with all flaws and yet lives through the pressures and anxieties to emerge out of them. I’m sure all the young girls will take this up but I also want parents to pick it up since there’s a lot of sentiment attached to the parent-child relationship that still needs lot of sieving through the changing times.

Frankly, this is my first book read of Nikita Singh though I had been told to her books, I never did. So for the first time reader it is good enough not to make you miss the other 8 ones that she has already wrote but strangely Β it also gives a reader a sufficient tingle in the head to go and grab the others that were published previously – At least it did that to me!

For all the Indoris, you can prebook it on and also meet up with Nikita on 1st April at Reader’s Paradise!




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