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The Bestseller She Wrote *Review*

When simple things are made a bit predictable and yet involves a surprise element – you get a mixed bag of a book that has everything to keep you engrossed for hours without a break.

After nearly 5 months, this is the first time I’m reading a book at one go and its simple language with all the emotional undercurrents thrown in – makes up for an amazing read. Being an avid reader I could read it at a stretch for 3 hours and it was definitely un-put-down-able.

An amazing read

Ravi Subramanian’s book The Bestseller She Wrote is an amazing work after his other books of thriller, this romantic intrigue book is certainly worth all the 9 months of his hard work.

In this book you can expect –

  1. Simple language that’s a huge plus point
  2. Casual beginning to the story that catches up in the middle and doesn’t leave you till the end
  3. All the characters are amazingly portrayed with their set of complexities that are peeled off one by one
  4. If you’re an avid reader/writer there are interesting points that Ravi shares through the protagonist’s experiences which could be a good point for discussion

Of particular interest about the book is the memory of purchase. The Walking Bookfairs was in Indore and I purchased this book from them.  Akshaya Rautaray and Shatabdi Mishra, the founders of ‘Walking Book Fair‘are on a mission of travelling to all the cities of India in their van full of books for children and adults. They’re on mission to spread the concept about inculcating the habit of reading. Having met them and purchasing this book from them is one of the memorable moments.

So this book is a memorable pick and I recommend all to buy it and have a wonderful un-put-downable moments with this one!



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