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Maya’s New Husband *Book Review*

I completed the reading of Author Neil D’Silva’s book Maya’s New Husband and I’m a fan of an Indian thriller writer! (A sequel book is in process… yippee!)
The book has the capacity to make the readers feel as if they’re part of the story ; like mute spectators alongside the characters and the environs. It gives goosebumps from time to time and there was a time I felt like screaming, “Maya you stupid girl! See sense” just as her mother was saying.
Having done my Masters in Clinical Psychology, I usually analyze the characters of the book as the story goes further. For the first time I was compelled to put analysis aside and read what would happen next.
Intense in few places and yet very seamlessly coming back to normal life description, it makes one realize that what is looking normal may not be normal. The deviation from normal is blended with the watchful routine-ness of every day life.
All in all, a must read!!!

The Author – Neil D’Silva




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