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In Kaleidoscope of Colours

When the universe is flung in kaleidoscope of colours, can we be left behind?

What do colours mean to us? Of what importance is the design to us? Why we need the different combinations of textures, colors, shapes, contours and blends around us? Seeing life in myriad shades each hue evoking a different meaning from one culture to another; each design being inspired from the life and each craft being developed by our inventive ancestors….. how do we feel about all this? Exuberant joy, isn’t it?

That’s precisely what I experienced at PulpyPapaya, that houses the best of Indian tribal arts and handicrafts nonpareil. Tucked in Saketnagar, away from the din of the city in the quite environs of peace, PulpyPapaya is a vibrant place. Having known one of the Co-Founders, Abhineet Agarwal since sometime, I was well aware of the concept of PulpyPapaya. What jolted me to visit them suddenly? It was a regular post on his Facebook profile that caught my interest. He had clicked an ongoing process on installation art and it propelled me into action!

The installation art in progress at PulpyPapaya
The installation art in progress at PulpyPapaya

When I reached, Abhineet was a gracious host showing me the products they had sourced from different places in India. He showed the installation art that was almost complete and talked about their future plans. Being an art lover myself, I could detect that gleam of happiness and satisfaction of being in the center of colors, textures and cultural extravagance.

Unknown to myself, the work on installation art was pulling me — so while Abhineet had to step out and get certain orders fulfilled, I stepped into the artists’ corner and expressed my interest in dabbling with a few paints. The artists were prompt in handing me their brushes and showed me where I could paint. While I dipped the brush into the soft paint, I could feel the layers of adulthood peeling off. That enthusiasm of childhood came to fore and I realized how much I had missed this part of myself lately.

Let me do this!!
Let me do this!!

PulpyPapaya works hard and their immense efforts are seen in the happy customers they have. Their fine tuning skills into seamlessly blending the time tested art into contemporary uses is apparent from their products. Having said so, they’re truly recognized for their efforts into making the art come alive in everyday life.

Media Coverage
Media Coverage
Flipkart appreciates PulpyPapaya
Flipkart appreciates PulpyPapaya

As Co-founder of Rising Litera, a community of readers, writers and people passionate about arts and culture – I am happy to see that Indore is instrumental in gathering the hidden folk art, exposing the new weaves, showcasing different material crafts and leather goods and more!

Now I know where I need to head to bring out my artistic side in Indore!



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