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Bound in Love – Book Review


Neil D’Silva is emerging as my favorite author. And talking of favorites I don’t really keep any tab of favorites. Neil is a totally unassuming person making it all the more good feeling to be able to connect with an author who reaches out to his fans with characteristic ease.

The touch of something different, sometimes dark and with the hint of psychological derivation of the mind – this is my second reading of his book after the first book – Maya’s New Husband – and he doesn’t fail to impress.

The short stories in the book are dealing with the subject of love in totally different ways from different relationship perspectives. If someone were to ask me which was my favorite of all – I would be at loss of words; however yes the first story – No Chocolate for You! This story was an effective start to understanding what the book was intended for and it set the pace for other stories in a similar motion. I won’t delve much but it would be good if you grab an ebook copy at a very reasonable price of 65/- INR from Amazon.inΒ and $0.92 from

I recommend that you do grab it for it’s totally different from the conventional love stories which makes it all the more reason for you to read it!



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