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Shadow of the Dark Soul – Book Review


When I started reading the book, I thought it was the usual tale of the Nirbhaya (Jyoti) rape case that had made international news. The tale of India’s Daughter is something that no one can forget even today. However, the author Sukhmani Gandhi surprised me with something that was much humane than that.

I always believed that it’s the empathy that counts and not sympathy. This book has given me the perfect example to explain it when people ask me what’s the difference between the two.

Meandering through a perfect life, one does stumble upon a few rocks and it is upon us to identify whether we want to jump across these rocks or we sit down and cry hoarse about pain in our heels. The lead character in the book, Zayesha at first stumbled and sat down but then she had the courage to stand up and jump. Rape is horrible, nay, cruel and dark but people still have hope to spread goodness even in trying times.

Though the story is a bit slow in the beginning, it envelopes you into Zayesha’s feelings and makes you witness to her pangs of unrest. By the end of the book, you’ve forgiven the author for the slow start.  🙂

Packed in around 80 pages, this book at the cost of 95/- is a perfect book for every journalist who believes in honoring the truth empathetically, for students foraying in media studies and for every man/woman to understand the human need for belongingness without labels. A clear verdict of ‘Go for it!’.

I applaud Sukhmani Gandhi for opening up the vistas of human pain, joy, and change.



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