One thought on “What’s the purpose of a bookstore???

  1. I hear you. I am in agreement with you when you say people should be passionate about what they are doing and reading/writing should be encouraged.

    But I also think the storekeeper might have a different point of view. There are also economics and culture of the place to be considered.

    He might be in the business for merely his livelihood and his business might be already be bringing in revenue that he had hoped for. Just imagine what if he had to open or own the store against his will. In that case, we cannot expect him to be passionate for books. Who know if he even has any interest in books himself. I have come across quite a number of people who would rather spend their time and money watching Bollywood commercial movies than spend time on and with books.

    I am not saying all books storekeeper are like that. But I would take this incident in the perspective of place and culture and keep trying elsewhere. Just my 2 cents opinion.

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