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Expressing Espresso

Its bitter sweet tale is never ending but it’s something all coffee addicts swear by! A coffee addict that I am, I realized that I knew not much by what I was doing with my coffee. Stir it and drink it… that’s what I thought and I was so wrong!

At my favourite cafe The Nest, I lounge there practically most days with a friend enjoying our Kaffeinated Konversations. Having befriended the owner of the place, Ashish Jaiswal often asked us whether we enjoyed our time there. Once he introduced the heavenly latte in espresso segment and my friend and I loved it. So when he came in to the cafe we mentioned that it was awesome taste of bitter and sweet balanced together. He promised us to show his version the next day.

The next day we were thoroughly excited trying to figure out how much we knew our coffee (which we seeming knew that it was too less of a knowledge). When he arrived we literally grilled him about different kinds of coffee and how he can differentiate between them and so on and so forth. Meanwhile he showed how the espresso was made at the right temperature and at the right measurement level. Next he delved into the bitter sweet combo by pouring the dark liquid in a tall narrow glass and added softened icecream on top…garnishing with chocolate and sprinkles.

Taking our glasses we sat down to savour it. Now came the interesting part. Do we mix it up or have it one at a time? Ashish recommended that we have a sip of espresso via straw and a spoonful of ice cream after that. Oh gosh! One shot of bitter and another spoon of sweet! I realized how we have it all wrong by stirring up the hornet’s nest and mixing the espresso with cream and diluting it up!

This experience made me realize that coffee making and also coffee drinking is a science and also an art. It doesn’t bode well if one doesn’t know what one is enjoying without knowing the methods of enjoying a cuppa. All in all, a good experience to remember and yes… now I’m on a mission to know more about my java! Go Java!




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