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Tangled Tales of Maggie Mania

With the ban on Maggie; lakhs of Indians are in a lurch. What to do without our favourite snack? Well, let’s make it a water under the bridge thing and start working on other kinds of innovations with things that resemble maggi – like SEV for instance.

I live in the street food capital of India and SEV is synonymous with ‘Spice Enhancer with Validity (4 life)”. Indoris swear on the sev as if their life depends on it. Here are the ways to keep Sev on topline priority so that one forgets about Maggie –

1. Maggie was 2 minutes. Sev is just open packet and eat – No fuss!

2. Eat. Sleep. SEV. Repeat. Β (All hostelites swear by this mantra!)

3. Sev is not an option. It’s Man-date-ory! πŸ˜‰ Β [Perfect savings on dinner date – Have Sev.]

4. Fill a bowl of sev and with each sev you pick and put in mouth, say – I love Maggie. I hate Maggie . I love Maggie. I hate Maggie…. repeat it till the bowl is empty.

5. Food for the body is not enough, there must be food for the store! Think that the world will end one day – start stocking sev – no need to cook and you know you can eat it anyhow.

6. Put sev in anything and everything — you’ll forget your earlier craving for Maggie

7. Put a poster on your wall – A sev a day keeps the Maggie away!

8. Make figures from sev and pop them in your mouth! A play-way method to distract yourself

9. Be a sevangelist — A person passionate about promoting the sev-culture

10. Should you follow all these points, “Tere muh mein sev parmal!” (Stay Blessed!)

If these 10 points aren’t enough remember our beloved PM Namo’s brand : Make in India. Switch to Sev and export all that Maggie back to China! Β πŸ˜‰



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