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Great reading for #startups #entrepreneurs to stand TALL Digi-TALLy!

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Further to the discussion on the Elements of Design as mentioned in the previous blog, I shall talk in detail about how your venture must become digit-TALL.

It’s without doubt the digital age; and unless your venture doesn’t stand tall, you can’t be seen in the crowd. What can you do about this?

Two essential things make up a strong digi-tall presence –

  • Make your content unique and your online branding strategy chic:

Everything comes down to CONTENT, CONTENT and CONTENT.  The more unique, innovative and yet researched the content is – better is the outreach and more people shall relate to your venture. This content is beneficial to translate into sales too.

  • Focus on communication, Unfocus on SEO:

Yes! You may have read the line twice and no! We aren’t joking. Too often the focus gets on SEO and the freshness of the content gets sidelined. For…

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