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Dare to do it?

Do you have the guts?  

Can you proudly show your scars?

Can you defy the conventional rules and tell the world that you did it differently?


If yes, then I am sure you’ve already done it! And you need not know more… on the contrary if you haven’t this blog is for you.

Why are you you hiding still? Why? Tell me what ideas are stupid? All of them are! Stupid crazy ideas make their way in this world everyday. I am not saying this for the heck of it…. if there is an idea in you…boiling under the closed lid – Open it until one day you too will explode.

Get your idea moving. Share it with people who understand you. Get into the groove of entrepreneurship. And if someone says that you can’t take risk…. say that you can! That you were born out of the million possibilities of life; that’s a sign in itself that you’re here to prove it to yourself what you are.

Why startups? I would ask why not? You have an idea, doesn’t mean you have capital. Don’t go around harping yourself to the harpoon of capital. Small is BIG. And you have time to make it big even with the smallest of the milestones. That you shall be eventually be responsible for bringing in employment opportunities to the people in your country is another do good feeling. So hop on into the wagon of startups and go take that step forwards and chase your dreams.

This was a motivator blog; I will tell you in the next blog post what you need to do to realize your dream. Till then brace yourself for a roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship!



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