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Insane fashion that works

They say that a boho chic can’t do with formal situations. That a sassy style is not in tune with a style diva. Who invents these rules? We! And sure as hell we can break them too!

I love contrasting myself to the the extent that sometimes I am seen carrying a laptop bag with a hand held classy holdall. It was a contrast of all yet who cares? As far as I can balance work with style statement – I can pretty come up with anything!

Then there are people who roll their eyes demoting me to up my fashion sense. Well, my fashion sense is to do wear what I feel comfortable and do match it with my mood. It is a pretty cool way to carry out yourself rather than to run down the list of diktats of fashion circles. Of course I am branded insane, mis-matched and out-of-context by everyone…. (psst…I just love it!)

Unless I am in a formal gathering or in an official event, I keep myself into the fancies of my own fashion style. Some days I am seen wearing baggy pants with just a bit tight shirts with an embroided leather mini jhola hanging from the belt loop of my pants; while sometimes I am seen with a tunic-jeggings and shawl combination.

Two things are important for me –

1. Comfort for work

2. Wacky style that’s not deliberate (it just aligns with my mood)

I would say go ahead and be a misfit with a mismatch – it takes guts to be cool with your own style statement and fashion sense! πŸ™‚

Shop fromΒ and get the best worth of your own fashion statement.



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