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The suicidal Indori!

Have you heard of the suicidal indori? Well they’re a species who are residents of Indore (mind you… I use the word “residents”) who love their habits, way of living, language and their mannerisms in context of Indore.

But, why are they suicidal? They can’t live without that hot and spicy sev … like the way the rest of the world can’t live without air.  What does an indori do with sev? Put it in anything and everything – daal, vegetables, snacks and even between buns (they call it hot dog).  I wonder if they put it in milk too. 😛


Try searching for an indori in all parts of India and you’ll realize that it is rare to meet an indori outside of the boundaries of Madhya Pradesh. After all, the rest of India doesn’t stock the quintessential sev that they love!  Recently, an indori got a job in Mumbai and guess what he was missing staying alone there in that strange city? Not his wife or mother…. His sev! His suicidal cries on phone to courier loads of sev immediately left me flabbergasted for sure. Now this takes matters far… doesn’t it?

Now now… stop glaring at me. And please keep that hammer aside! Not being an Indori is an enough punishment for me . [I’ll let you a small secret – I’m slowly becoming an indori too! 😉 ]

[Please Note: This article is a humorous take on Indoris’  love for sev which is quite well known. I’m married into a complete indori family and hail from the state of Ganthiya –Dhokla, where these items are also given a humorous twist often.… so kindly bear in mind that the article is purely to entertain and not harm anyone’s sentiments. ]



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2 thoughts on “The suicidal Indori!

  1. Wow Kavita. This is so great. 😍
    The best thing is you wrote something like this for the first time on your blog. 😃
    Wow! Well, Sev is something which goes with everything in Indore. 😉
    Ah, I wish I too could say I’m a born Indori. But I’m not. Haha..

    I’ve rated you 5 stars. Haha! You deserve it. 🙂

    Keep writing such stuffs Kavita. 😃

    Liked by 1 person

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