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Blow your Trumpets the SEO way

Social media engagement is enough said these days. As a copywriter; what sets us into motion is getting into the thick of the digital marketing and promoting brands/products through social media content. This becomes imperative for content writers to understand the importance of using social media tools everyday.Β  Fresh, good and unique content is a must for makingΒ  your SEO worthwhile. While browsing for details about SEO content writing, I chanced upon this video which is good to read:



Today I’m attending a workshop on Social media marketing and SEO is the focus here. Lacking the knowledge and the proper insight into the usage of the SEO has led me here. What I gained out of the workshop will be seen by you in the upcoming blogs starting from this post.

Key learnings –

1. Use fresh and unique content that actually positions your blog/website well

2. Everything hinges on the use of keywords. Use keywords often to get yourself heard

3. The more you post on the social media sites; the more you’re heard

4. Use SEO tools to optimize your engagement

5. There are solutions to all sorts of hangups

6. Most important, blow your trumpet…. so trumpet sales are on rise! πŸ™‚

Starting off with these key points as a beginner, I’m sure I will be able to confidently trudge ahead. These days, it is important for content writers to be familiar with SEO. The competition to be seen and heard is so intense that unlike two years back wherein the content writers and SEO managers were two different persons, today there is a merging of roles especially at the small scale and medium scale entrepreneurs level. Given that my clients are mostly in this business scale, I think I have made the right choice in going ahead and learning more skills. From what I see, SEO is an integral part of content writing.



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