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C is curved and has many crows surrounding it. Doesn’t make sense, does it?

Well, ‘C’ is Creativity and the crows are all of us wannabe as well as experienced artists, designers and copywriters (including me!). We crows flock around C to get a glimpse of what it actually looks like.

Let me tell you; in spite of flocking around C since 2007, I’ve yet to see it properly. Shocking? Nah, not for me! Like everyone else, in my early days I would fight to see it, have a touch at it. These days, I have made peace with the fact that it will not happen like that. Am I crazy? Has the fight gone out of me? Or I am no longer aspiring anymore?

Truth be told, maybe I’ve stopped fighting. Maybe I’ve partly given up. But no! Not the way you think. I definitely want to experience ‘C’.  Yes…. In my own way. In my own time. It might take another 5 years or maybe 10. Who knows? But yes… I will definitely get to feel it, soak into it and languish in its tub of joy. That leaves the question for now. Am I not creative? The blatant truth is – NO! Not yet. I have gained sufficient experience, but I haven’t reached there yet. There is so much to learn along the way before I can embrace ‘C’. I’m sure the wait is worth it. Why have fleeting glimpses from the crowd when I can have ‘C’ for myself during some other time?

What I’m trying to say by all this? Everyone out there need on pounce on ‘C’ as if it were gonna diminish or go somewhere. It isn’t going anywhere and neither are you. Instead, feel ‘C’ and make it feel you. Only then we can be assured of good work that repeatedly assures a award winning experience at Cannes Festival. Currently, we rarely go beyond shortlisted work. Let me remind you… we are country of more than a billion with each mind unique, with eclectic mix of diversity and long standing culture to support our creative flow. Feel ‘C’ properly and then go to Cannes. Then I’m sure they’ll sit  up and notice and not the other way round.



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