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More than before

In my capacity as a copywriter and social media engagement manager, I have been insisting my clients to go in for paid promotions on Facebook since past one year.  Most clients were either skeptical about the outcome or didnt have the finances kept aside in their budget for this.

Suddenly, many Indian startups and small businesses are realizing what they are missing out. They have come to realise that even with paid promotions, one can get benefits in terms of publicity, marketing and better engagement with their audience. Of course, this is also dependent on what kind of posts are put and what content is there. Slowly, the clients are willing to have a minimum budgetary spending on social media. The budget isn’t too big but the good thing is that they are willing to explore this option. I’m really please with this leap.

What’s more is that my clients are even asking me whether I am into SEO too. Sometimes I am also asked whether I do Corel Draw and Photoshop. 🙂 Hmm, I would love to take up designing, but it is gonna take up all my time to learn and then do it.  SEO is more closely inclined to what I do and I am slowly learning the ropes.

While it was for clients to change their thinking, now it is time for me too to gain more skills……. slowly but surely I will get there!



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