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Can I have it all?

While I agree with Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo CEO, that we pretend to have it all; the article in today’s (27th July,  2014) Times Of India has got me thinking.


(Totally relate to what Ramneek Pantal says)

While people are talking about work-life balance and guilt feelings of men and women. …there are a few women out there like me who used to work full time and now from home and raise kids. What about us? People around me think I am an epitome of perfect management and balance. And I tell them: Hell No!
I’m a freelance copywriter and it isn’t easy on my grey cells. I have to think creatively.  Sometimes in midst of running the house I am put on a tight leash deadline of just half an hour to produce a masterpiece. … even Leonardo da Vinci took time to create each masterpiece; then who am I?
The point is that though I get to work at home (that too in a joint family) – it isn’t exactly an ideal place to get creative ideas on a range of topics.  Sometimes I am stuck up. Sometimes I fail to connect relevantly.  Sometimes my brain just clamps up and refuses to give me ideas.
At times I wonder whether I will last. A few times I just want to run away.  Seriously! 
So what makes me stay put?  I have my goals extended.  I try to work in tandem with my kid’s sleep times.  I work with agencies who understand my situation first and then I work with them.  Though the deadlines are few and far between I know that they are themselves helpless with overbearing clients. 
Am I balanced?  I don’t know.  Does it matter?  I don’t think so.
Am I guilty?  Fleetingly it comes and goes. 
Love your family.  Love your self. Remember,  even with multitasking we aren’t Goddess Durga with   10 hands. Take it easy and in between trying times stay afloat.  Cheers to all women!

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