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In the year 2007 I had an accident.  Nothing major. Had a brush with something I hadn’t seen and I moved on. Again in 2011 I had an accident and it was life altering experience.  I had an accidental experience with something I had longed for;  something that I craved to become. Ok. I will tell you fact: I met an accident with my destiny. My work.  My creations.  In 2007 I was truly enjoying what I was doing in education so the accidental experience of dabbling into copy writing didn’t seriously register in my mind.  Now I am a full time freelance copywriter.  I work from home.  Work on copy and try to balance both the worlds with the family in view too.
Full time motherhood was never so easy or exciting.  Yeah I think I have survived ok so far but I appreciate all the women out there who work from home or have jobs outside home or don’t even have a job….gosh! Where do you get all your energy from, ladies?
Now back to accidents. .. what is the prognosis? I think I will never go back to doing a job….. my own venture. …yes, maybe.  Till then think of those life altering accidents you had too! Share them!

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