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Stripped off Life

Rape crimes are increasingly difficult to get redressal these days.  It seems that the more women shout the more men are silencing her. By the time the perpetrators are caught and put in jail the victim has already succumbed to death. None of the rape victims actually survive.  The minute their body is forced to bear the power of men’s disgusting lust to control;  they are physically and mentally dead to life.  And this is exactly what men want to achieve. 
Imposition of strong laws that nip out the very idea of commiting such barbaric acts are mandatory priority of Indian judiciary. Rape crime comes at a higher punishment level than murder because rape survivors become walking dead having been brutally stripped off the very existence of secure and happy life with promises broken to nothingness.

Why is society is silent? Why is victims family not addressing the issue? Why is the law not strict? Why are the incidents just media reports and not a law problem? Too many questions and we are still stripped of answers…

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