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Spotless Beauty

I have been to Udaipur (Rajasthan,  India) again and again and I love it. Apart from the fact that it is a place of my roots I just love the quaint havellis and the artistic attempts to decorate each home. 
While the place abounds with thousands of tourits each day – it is difficult to realise that the properties that come under the purview of HH Maharaja saheb of Udaipur are still well maintained bereft of dirt. With thousands sprawling the premises each day it must be an uphill task of his staff to keep it shining clean. 
Why am I mentioning this?  Beautiful things need good upkeep. It needs good care and attention to maintenance.  Be it design,  artefacts or things in general- keep them well used.  Should anything of value be restored let it be done by experts.  Why experts? Just like the properties of HHMaharaja saheb is being shared with public ; if you have anything of value share it to be seen and admired.

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