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I too have a #story!

I too have a #story! Our lives are so surrounded by #stories that we love to make it into a living #reality even though it is #fantasy.
Beginning from today I will post one story atleast once a week. This way we shall have a #storytelling #festival which will be ongoing. Why ongoing? Life is always a celebration and stories emerge from life itself!
Today’s story:
The Beginning…..
How did I become a #copywriter? Pure chance! I was into #education – working with teachers – providing training and working on the training content. Along the way I happened to befriend my boss’s (now ex-boss’s) friend who was a #graphic #designer. Sharing ideas for our office project requirements and marketing deliverables got me hooked into the #concept sharing and #writing for #design. After more than 5 years of dabbling into the education side I shifted to #copywriting. It was slow and random at beginning. Making people understand that it is a job was another hurdle. Exhilaration, dips in enthusiasm, criticism, feedback and loads of redrafted work – all added to the year of 2012 that went by. By mid 2013 I was somehow balancing well on my own boat albeit in a bit of shaky water. Adding more base to my work – #Fingerprints was born. #Creative #Fingerprints – #Content As Unique as You – is now my own brand work. Hoping to go far much beyond what it is today. Your love and appreciation will take me there.
World of words lured me; Firstly I tipped the edge and I was so enveloped in the creative juices that I wanted to plunge into writing headlong!


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