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Tourism in Small Places

Recently I was on a trip to Alibaug and had a wonderful time there at Radisson Blu Spa and Resort, Alibaug. The hotel was a relaxing place and gave me time to just unwind. However, that’s where all the good things end. I realized that this was the only heaven! I tried to make up 2 days of my stay by visiting the beaches dotted on the Konkan coastline and even the much acclaimed but not upto mark Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary but I was to be sorely disappointed. Β I had heard that Alibaug is visited on weekends by Mumbai people but I would never visit it again until tourism picks up here.

The downer? Empty beaches with no shacks or shades or even hotel property nearby. The forts wore deserted look and were in dilapidated condition without any support. The Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary was a complete waste of my time to traverse through the hill and then come up with a dead end – no guides, no escorts and they charge 600/- INR allowing only entry by walking! (Nice meal we would make for the hungry cats in the forest!).

Bottomline: Stick to places like Alibaug only en-route to some better destinations like Pune or Goa.

Lifesaver: Konkan food – though not pungent as I would expect was spicy enough. What to relish? The Solkadhi (Kokum Curry) is the delicious drink to be had after meals. They have a good digestive effect and is yummy in taste.Β The coconut milk so obtained is usually mixed with kokum (fruit belonging to mangosteen family tree), a little bit of salt and/or chili-garlic paste is added for taste.

Frangipani blooms abound here
Frangipani blooms abound here




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