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Which is the safest holi colour? What is best suited for babies and people with sensitive skin? You don’t have to look far for the answers. Centuries old tradition of boiling leaves, flowers and certain kinds of herbs in water led to the making of pure colored water for sprinkling during holi.  In Rajasthan, amidst the jostling of the urban influx – the age old traditions still stands the test of time.

With the heralding of spring, Rajasthan flowers into an orange hue that is so difficult not to notice. Kesuda (flowers of Palasha tree) dots the entire arid landscape of Rajasthan with its kesariya colours. Both, Kesuda and Mogra flowers are coolants that protect against heat and sun. This custom is meant to check our body constituents from being over heated in summer. Babies are also bathed with Kesuda water – it makes their skins delicate, soft and cool, preventing boils and eruptions. Kesuda along with dried Abil and Gulal powders make the best eco-friendly combination for skin and the safest too.

You can read more about The Magnificant Flame of the Forest (Kesuda) here:




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