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Caffeinated Ahmedabad

What is it with Ahmedabad that I feel so cosseted with? Admittedly it is the city in which I was born and grew up. I have spent more than two decades here in this sea of familiarity – language, people and way of life. Yet, when I come back apart from the new roads, more buildings and all that – I feel that same eerie familiarity creeping even in the new structures.

Am I getting sentimental? I guess…. Ummmm……No. Going down and digging further into my train of thoughts – I begin to realize the core essence of what connects me to Ahmedabad. It is just one word –Energy.

Surprised? Aahhhha! Even Bombay (so called ‘Mumbai’) too is energetic. What’s the difference? The difference is not in degree but in kind. The kind of energy in Bombay is good for sometime; but if taken literally all the time – it can leave you drained.  While the energy diffused in Ahmedabad is sure-footed and always in tandem with achieving goals – enjoying success – and back to goals again. Gujaratis have infused the atmosphere with enterprise, commerce , risk-taking for new adventures and faith. I love this spirit of enthusiasm in them. Market instability, economic run down or even natural calamity; Ahmedabadis have the resilient spirit of a possessed soul.  Always yearning to better itself each day.

Ahmedabad may be famous for the ‘chai kitlis’ and ‘chai pe charcha’. But, it’s  combination of zeal and caffeinated energy (drawing parallels to the coffee stimulant – coffee being my preferred beverage) that becomes its landmark here and there is what draws me. I want my caffeinated fix of energy every day. This fix keeps me going on and on.  I am sure all the non-gujaratis who are now the part of the great race of people called ‘amdavadis’ will agree to me. Am I right?



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