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Advertising and Women

On the International Women’s Day at Ahmedabad Management Association, Ahmedabad; I had the good opportunity of attending the open forum meet on Ideas in Advertising (Tribute to Women) by Sanjay Chakraborthy, VP of Triton Communications and I was really pleased. The approach was different in terms of getting people to understand the role of women and how advertising makes attempts to sensitize people towards the fair gender. Enlivening our memories about the advertising in print, television and other below the belt media approaches, Mr Chakraborthy made a worthwhile attempt to make the audience sit and realize the simplicity of the advertising tactics.

What caught my attention was the really practical approach made by Lux Sunlight’s Vileda brand for washing utensils. In the UAE, they targeted the men in good restaurants. After the various men who accompanied the women in the restaurant asked for the bill; they are given scrubber. All the men were taken aback. They were graciously made to wash the utensils in which they ate with the scrubber and washing agent. Proves to men how their wives, mothers, sisters and all keep their utensils clean and shiny. A simple promotional strategy. What were the benefits? A good meal. A scrubber and a good wash! πŸ™‚

Vileda Lux Sunlight Washing Agent
Vileda Lux Sunlight Washing Agent


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