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A friend from Dubai asked me,” Have you heard about Esther Anuhya’s case?” “I don’t think so”, I replied. “Too much is happening against women these days that I have just forgotten their names as well.” I explained.

And then it hit me! Wasn’t I bothered? Is my attitude nonchalant or indifferent to the atrocities against women? Didn’t I feel that it is all wrong? Wasn’t I burning with rage? No?

Just today in the morning I read about the tribal girl’s gang rape in Suri, Bengal. The worst thing was that as I read the article I could visualize the sick behavior of the people. I wanted to scream! I wanted to hit all those sick men on their head. What were her parents doing? Covering themselves in shame while their daughter was picked and treated like some rag doll? Didn’t they wish to oppose the injustice meted out? Did they feel that the punishment decision was justified? What those men did was not just shameful. It was a complete blot on psyche of Indian men. They not only took her physically; they took her life. They took her very essence of living. They made her feel like dirt. Whatever she was before; she will never be the same again. The smile will be gone from her face forever. Another smiling exuberant light is put off.

Where is our society heading? It is turning out to be a monstrous chaos. Women are no longer feeling their skin. They are instead feeling the frenzied heat of those power hungry men who have got not an iota of conscience left in them. And if they aren’t subject to physical tarnishes; they resort to mental tortures that put even the Nazi concentration camp methods to shame.

We don’t need more candle lights and dharnas for this. We need more people to be outspoken. Laws that work towards speedier justice for victims and stronger punishments to the tormentors.  We need women to be independent and self- reliant. We need an open society that doesn’t smirk and do away any kind of decision for women as in case of that Bengali tribal girl.

We need ‘gentle’men. Men who value women. Men who appreciate the women as they are. Not as some object of gratification. Not as some doormat for their inflated egos. Is this too much to ask?




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  1. Kavita, this issue has left me disturbed as well. The thing is where do we start, it has to be the “LAW” that has to change and bring the same in the scenario of the society today. People who commit such heinous crimes, need to be equally tortured or rather more, and made realized “the dignity of women” Aren’t this the same people who took birth from the mother’s womb, how do they forget that? How do they forget that their existence itself is there just because of a women!!

    PUNISHMENT has to be such that any other person doesn’t even dare to think about such things!!


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