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Two days back, I happened to be around one of the busiest roads of Indore and I chanced upon a very contrasting and admittedly an ironical scene. A huge jeweler’s hoarding was placed just beside the competitor’s showroom.

Hoarding and the showroom
Hoarding and the showroom

Are we getting too aggressive this Diwali? Are the galloping high gold prices propelling this change?
Come October and the jewelers serenade their customers with print as well as digital media so vigorously that everything looks shiny and bright. Do these offers hold weight?
Take for example an advertisement for daily wear jewelry like pendants and earrings. The range starts from 10,000/- and the product is shown all shiny and sparkling and (most importantly) enlarged 6 times its normal size. What are we getting at here?

The points I want to discuss here are “aggressiveness”, “honesty” and “face of competition”.
Indore is a very laid back city and we love the casual way of life here. People have an easy way to everything. But this Diwali, I have witnessed too many offers flooding the market. Is this a sign of change? Are we Indoris getting aggressive with our advertising tactics? Only time will tell.
Specific to the Diwali Offers, how honest or genuine are these sales or offers? Are the customers really getting festive value out of the products/services or are they made a guinea pig of sales gimmicks? Brands that value their customer loyalty and responsibility will work best into culminating the festive offers into long term customer relationship. Are all the brands listening? In retrospect, Kalyan Jewelers endorsed by Amitabh Bachchan is trying to prove the value of honesty through their current concept in their TVC.

On the face of competition is more in tune with the aggressiveness component. The hoarding of DP Jewelers just beside the Vaman Hari Pethe Jewelers was a rude shock to me. I have never been a customer of their of these jewelry stores. As a customer, if I were to choose between the two where would I go first? DP Jewelers. Why? They dared and I will want to see whether their products are also similarly daring and offers too are truly good. Why Vaman Hari Pethe loses out on this first impression? If you have a huge hoarding bang besides your shop; why don’t you use it? Advertising is putting your eggs in the same basket!



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