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“Why do design books have to be expensive?”

I got this question in my mind yesterday and I really wanted to find out an answer for it. There were certain hypotheses about the possible reasons in my mind and I wanted to share with you all to know your views.

I believe that design is an art and design being a specialized skill; designers want to guard it with care. Does this hypothesis ring true?
The tough competition in advertising sphere makes up for the designers to keep their secrets locked. Is this possible?

I don’t know the real reasons myself. I go to any bookstore and any book you pick up on Advertising or Design are all in hardcover imported editions – heavy books with hefty prices. Copywriting books are rare too – except if you go online or check up Amazon – which is hardly helpful to me. Indian books on advertising like ‘Amul’s India’ (Based on 50 years of Amul advertising) or ‘Advertising and Promotions – An IMC Perspectives’ by Kruti Shah and Alan D’Souza are low priced and good buy.

Whatever the reason for digging our pockets deeper to buy these books; my viewpoint is straightforward and simple. Design must be open market.
The more open we are about design, its technological know-how and its updates; the more challenging our assignments will be. Moreover, the consumers who get attracted, impressed, buy and consume the product/service will be more involved in what we do. This makes our feedback process so well blended in our design process that we work in full cyclical fashion.

Open Design adds an important dimension to the way we process our designs these days. It creates an open dialogue between the designers and the customers. It adds a human factor to the design process and thereby the designers gain an expertise to create better conditions for art appreciation and human comfort (as in case of product design).
Leave all the reasoning behind! Let’s create a culture of sharing, discussions and have a healthy competition in which we all grow together.



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