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Brand New Education – The Purposeful Branding of Schools

Our education has undergone a tremendous shift and yet we are unable to establish it as a brand. Public schools lack any need to purposeful branding and shove it under the carpet that branding is expensive and not really necessary. They feel that the “Right to Education” advertisements and government aided grants are enough. Private schools are able to somehow uplift themselves as a brand but then again what goes on inside the school is a different idea altogether.

Print Advt of Billabong High School, Indore
Print Advt of Billabong High School, Indore

See the advertisement above and you will realize that there is nothing new or different in what they are doing. This is Cambridge affiliated school and they are talking about instilling winning spirit in kids. Damp job!

Now have a look of this half page advt in newspaper of The Sanskaar Valley School, Bhopal. The heading sentence is so contradictory in itself. Care and Nurture are essentially the same thing! Now, as a school you got to check on what you write about. Don’t you?

Print Advt of Sanskaar Valley School, Bhopal
Print Advt of Sanskaar Valley School, Bhopal

Indian education is not keeping up. At the rate we’re going, the next generation will lack the qualifications required to fill jobs and ensure good future of the nation.

Public or Private; education has branding problem. Where are the learning ideas, the disruptive solutions and true innovation? And when will education finally connect and communicate with people the way petrol/diesel prices do? When will the high and mighty education be brought down to the common level and talked as a  way of life?

The bottomline question is: how do we make people care? Look at all the school advertisements around you. They talk about how they teach or how the future of the students will be – but are they talking about what they teach and what the future definitely is? Instead of harping about future of our country kind of tactics, why can’t we sell school like we sell iPhones?

If we could devise provocative and ongoing messaging in the advertisements –a relevant pitch that appeals to people’s immediate lives and illuminates the possibilities rather than the vague glorification of education–we could unify businesses, teachers, communities, and even leaders around a singular goal of educational transformation. We could move learning forward, let go of mediocre standards and encourage innovative and creative communication within our brand building strategies. By scaling success stories and applauding visionaries who have made real impact, we can compel even parents and communities to start caring.

Ultimately, we must re-brand education to invigorate the way our educational advertisements run, to generate a sense of optimism, and to partake in risk-taking measures rather than mediocre and vague gratification.

We must be able to make mistakes, to let go of what we know is not working, and demand energetic ways of brand building and establish education as the  most revered brand.



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