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Few days ago, I chanced upon the Paper boat beverages in the local store and looking into its unique shape – I got interested in buying it. I bought the aamras (mango pulpy drink) variety to test try. While waiting to pay at the cashier counter; I was wondering whether the packaging would match up to the taste too. And I was surprised!


The first gulps of the drink was thick and delicious; but as soon as came to the last few portions of the drink I felt it similar to Maaza. The callout in orange colour (reverse below) claimed that it had no artificial flavours and from down I went reading up to the top and there it was – artificial flavours, permitted flavours …. blah…blah… blah. So self-contradictory!!!

The tagline was – “Drinks and Memories”. I was wondering what memories they are connecting to. Memory of drinking Maaza?

The feel of the pack is paper-ish and I was wondering if it was some recycled eco-friendly paper package. No it isn’t so. It’s just a tetrapack kind of packaging. Now this is a good marketing tactic. Make the packaging unusual and it sells. What’s more it is simple and alludes to childhood idea of paper boat and memories. But it fails to bridge the connection between the two.

I checked their website ( and it was simplistic but was just a one minute wonder. Just sketches and animation but no content except for Facebook page link – it failed to impress. Their facebook page ( garnered a lot of interest and likes with their “Life is still beautiful” images making everyone go down the memory lane. Now tell me where will jaljeera and  aamras fit in that?

What I want to convey? Make your brand stick and fit together with the whole scheme of things. If you want to talk about drinks and memories; mention both of them. Better still create a strong brand connection and make it workable across all mediums.



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