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Food for Change
Food for Change

Come October and the week of ‘Joy of Giving’ begins. What is this week for? It is all about small and random acts of goodness that gives one pure joy. They are small things like helping someone with a task or educating someone, providing someone with food-clothing-shelter or simply giving someone a smile or hug. It is all about doing something that gives you joy and others too.

Furthering this ideology, Ahmedabad’s SAATH has organized the fundraising event that involves food, music and happiness called “Food for Change”. This garners contributions to the social cause and also gives a memorable time with family or even colleagues. Time spent happily and money spent wisely! A good choice this is. To know more about this event or if you want to buy a pass, contact Vama the number is in the pic.  Also please pass this on to anyone and everyone you may know in Ahmedabad and if you post it on facebook, that’s a bonus!

For more details and many more joyous events; look into :



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