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Top ‘N’ Town is a very famous ice cream brand in Madhya Pradesh region. (Personally I prefer Amul any day, anytime – but keeping ice cream qualities aside – I am focusing on the branding part here).

They have roped in a very well known ad agency of Indore to create a “Love Yourself” brand belief. (See their website – While the ideology is good; the conceptualization is poor. There is no direct way to love oneself than put an ice cream in between? You celebrate your success or a good day with an ice cream – that’s fine but loving yourself just exceeds the point.


Why I found this tagline strange? There is no direct link between ice cream and loving oneself. It just seems too farfetched a point. It seems to be a mix of Cornetto advertisement of love and icecream and McDonalds ad for celebrating small joys with mcburger.

Why do we just grab the mood of ‘love’? Isn’t it the easiest and the most used mood or emotion in most advertisements? Give love some break! Too much of loving might kill your brand overnight. Though Top ‘N’ Town is lucky to be in town for a long time that people give it too much of thought – any person not belonging to Indore would surely find it too cushy and out of context.

Top ‘N’ Town must challenge itself to make better brand adage and also a better website layout too. It is too much boxed up and gives the eyes much eyesore.



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