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Cluttered advertisements are a great eyesore. I subscribe ‘Dainik Bhaskar’ –  one of the leading hindi newspaper in the Madhya Pradesh region. Most of the days I see too many advertisements in the last page of the newspaper. There are local products/brands vying attention with international brand advertisements. My eyes don’t register anything. Why?

Brand positioning is so poor that it makes no ad-sense. If most of the adverts are to be relegated at the last part of the newspapers at one go where are you going to grab eyeballs? Honestly, this is against the very basic principles of advertising. Many a times my eyes quickly scan the pictures and the copytext is simply lost.

Businesses in Indore must consider the nuances of positioning before buying ad space. A premium positioning can enhance the overall effectiveness and outreach of your brand.  How can you achieve this? Read this for more detailed way of positioning your brand effectiveness. Read:




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