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Hitting Delete is easy…









For clients, hitting “Delete” is easy… but why don’t they themselves sit and write down the whole process right from idea to concept to illumination to execution… they will stay away from the button themselves!

Firstly, clients ask for someone who has a creative bent of mind; then they strip off all the creativeness from the text and then they say they want this deleted and that deleted and it comes back to the text that looks a decade old! Well, then I think… why the hell do you bother me with “creativity” when you just want a plain jane essay writing that even a kiddo can do?

Though I boil, fume and rage…. what do I ultimately do? I prove my value by letting the client play the field. You want it that way? Fine go ahead! Don’t forget, you are still paying me!  🙂

This scenario has been described well by  Erik Spiekermann’s excerpts from the forward  from the book “Design is A Job by Mike Monteiro

“Clients need to understand that they’ve hired us to do something they are not good at. And that they need to pay usbfor our knowledge, skills, experience and, yes: attitude. To be referred to as one of those “creative types” is to be written off as intellectually inferior.” 


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