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Culture dictates what we are.


“So often, cultural traditions dictate the pace of the place. Chinese performers still embrace the pain-stalking process of applying meticulous makeup. The hustle of Hong Kong rush hour reflects a powerful heritage of hardwork. Russian chess players prove that unhurried old-world customs can survive, while American synchronized swimmers elevate precision timing to an art. Is time about speed or savouring? Every culture has its own answer.”  

– Catherine Karnov: National Geographic Photojournalist

What about India? Well,we are so diverse in our taste and methods that we juggle between fast life and laid back approach. I have lived in Ahmedabad for 26 years and it has embraced change wholeheartedly and taken to try out new things which involves risk-taking. While now that I live in Indore since last 3 years I still see lots of traces of laid back attitude and unprofessional approach….  and as a traveler you will get a sampler of this from city to city. Discover it’s uniqueness yourself!



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