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Past Forward!

Sometimes life just hangs and pulls you back… you really want to revisit your past; trying to make things work the other way round or trying to make changes you wish you could make. But the whole point is that it is of no use. What’s done cannot be undone. Life just moves on like the clock (never goes backwards).

The key question is always, what is the best thing I can do under these circumstances? Why am I revisiting past? Well, whenever I am stuck in muck and don’t just know what to do I feel a strange apperception of going through the whole dramatic series of the past, trying to cudgel up my creativity, to build forth my confidence again… and does it work? Yes it does…

But I have also realised that no matter how much I try to move away from that past it simply comes back to me in circle. Sooner or later it again gushes on me in a new form but the thing I proposed was the same – the thing I knew would happen really happens and that’s really frightening.. I really get goosebumps in those psychic moments. So, even if I am in theย reminiscentย mood of past it really scares me sometimes!




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