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Butterfly Effect: It suggests that the flapping of butterfly’s wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere, which could overtime cause a tornado to occur.

How often do we work towards creating this kind of “butterfly effect” in our lives? Hardly! We are not tuned to creating bigger things or grander paradigm shifts. We sometimes holler about life that is not challenging and humdrum. But what’s the greatest truth? Challenges are there but we never convert them into opportunities. That’s why we miss out on creating miracles.

What began as just mindless scribbles and doodles in toddlerhood has now accentuated to copywriting and content management for all sorts of firms. Sometimes, I just never knew where I would end up and what I would end up doing. But I just did things. Passionately. Period.



Intelligent Conversations, Unending coffee cups and totally in sync communication - When you feel free to converse, you feel limitless.

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