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Propelling Creativity

The space shuttle uses more fuel during its 1st 3 mins. after takeoff than it requires during the reminder of its orbit around the entire earth for the same reason! There is a pull exerted by the world that takes great energy to overcome.

When a wonderfully creative opportunity is given to me; it really propels me, fuels me and makes me want all the ideas to be assimilated into the great burst of passion. With copywriting these are rare but special moments and I found this moment today morning. What a way to charge off your day by thinking out all the ideas that one wants to think. Of course the challenge part is obvious. The more challenging the assignment; the more I enjoy doing it. Itz part of human nature. Inspite of what all theories abound about laziness! 😛

So there; I am propelled with the force… Let me be!



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