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Copywriting Journey

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.

Isaac Asimov


When I think back and try to remember the time when I first started writing; frankly I don’t remember it. It has been as if I have been writing since the time I learnt to coordinate my fingers, hands and eyes and had a paper in my hand and a box of crayons to scribble with.

With scribbling and drawing I progressed to writing poems by my window (where I was supposed to study; but I nevertheless ended up in my dream world of poetry). Poetry progressed to something more social ie. Writing articles and feedback to the Times of India and Readers’ Digest . Then I got a job in an organization which was education based and I further immerse my writings into brainstorming, ideating and churning words to bring effect. Further from that I ended up with copywriting.

So don’t think of scribbles and doodles as time pass…. you never know how you end up having a EUREKA! Moment with something that you were trying to figure out.



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