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Sustaining Creativity

The world is too demanding for “newness”. We want something new. out of the box…phew! Sometimes all the creativity just seems to fizzle out no matter how much you try. And how do you expect that you try to create something new in those real estate projects where the homes are same kind with no concept whatsoever?? That’s the time i need to be saved! What to write about buildings that are high-rises and are having no essentially new feature? The builders are just going on building spree and expect us to come out with words that actually donot fit into the whole scheme. Poor families which read all those lovely words and go to the actual site to find it as drab and boring as any other house!!

What happened to the honesty feature? Can’t the clients see that it is essential to be honest in our copy too? Big words are easy to write but how do we associate them with your buildings? And your building images are all graphics and now actual construction images!!

Creativity can be sustained if we lose our fear of failure… but i am more afraid of those families which must be feeling like wringing my neck after seeing the actual homes!!



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